Pi Day 2021

On March 14th, EVS celebrates Pi Day as our annual client appreciation day. To show our appreciation, EVS hand delivers pie to the offices of our partners in gratitude of working together. This year with the COVID-19 pandemic and most of our partners working from home, we were challenged as to how we could still show our appreciation with our well known gift of pie. We hosted an outdoor drive-thru pick up event in our parking lot, and added pizza to our menu! This gave our partners the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy some free food, in a safe way. Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day 2020 #insPIre

Each year, EVS celebrates Pi Day (3.14) by delivering pie to our clients, partners, and friends. For Pi Day this year EVS is focusing on charity. We want to INSPIRE people to help their communities and their planet by hosting a charity social media challenge. How can we all make our world a better place? Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day 2019 #40Years

Every year EVS celebrates Pi Day by delivering pies to some of our clients, partners and friends. This year we are also celebrating our 40th Anniversary, so we wanted to combined the two together. Check out our time travel video and join us at our open house for more celebrating this fall!

Pi Day 2018 #PiCoin

For the past few years, we have celebrated Pi Day with our clients, partners and friends. Each year, we deliver pies as a way to say thank you and show our appreciation. Last year, we showcased PiDrone. This year, we launched our own cryptocurrency called “PiCoin.” While it’s not currency you can trade on coinbase like Bitcoin or Ether, if you are one of ten lucky recipients of our PiCoin, it’s worth $314.15! ***

Dennis and I recognize that we have so many blessings in our lives. We strongly believe that we must do what we can to help those in need. Thanks to our clients and partners, we were able to establish the EVS CARES Foundation at the end of 2017. This program allows our employees to receive a match on their charitable giving, paid time off for volunteering, and resources to make a difference in our community.

Thank you again for your support over the years and helping us make the EVS CARES Foundation a reality.

Pi Day 2017 #PiDrone

This year, we’re taking advantage of the latest drone tech and have created PiDrone! Our amazing fleet of drones will deliver pies across the country on Pi Day (3.14). Want to be part of the action? LIKE our Facebook or LinkedIn page and if you’re 1 of 10 lucky winners, you’ll receive a Pie on Pi Day.