Institutional Solutions

EVS has extensive experience working with and directly for city, county, state, and federal government agencies on a variety of projects. EVS knows the government process and how to ensure project success as shown by the multiple IDIQs and master contracts held with agencies such as Hennepin County, City of St. Paul, Metro Transit, VA IDIQ, and the Army Corps of Engineers. EVS’ institutional experience included projects involving the military, transit, education, medical and health care. Our staff tracks trends of the industry, so we are always prepared to provide expertise relevant to the times and trends.

EVS Project Types Include:

  • University and School Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Military
  • Veterans Administration

Insitutional /
Military Services

Our services include:

Conceptual Site Planning

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Design

City Approval Processes

Water Supply Distribution

Stormwater Management

Surveying, Platting, and Easements

Surveying, Platting, and Easements