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Energy policy throughout the world is changing to favor renewable energy plus energy storage. Energy storage systems, as either stand alone or coupled with renewable energy generating systems such as wind and solar are essential for our world’s future. Solar + storage, wind + storage are the most ecologically responsible methods of producing and storing energy for our communities today. EVS is on the forefront of this massive energy + storage opportunity.

What is energy storage?

·        Energy storage is the process of capturing and maintaining produced electrons for use in a later setting.

·        Energy storage plays an important role in balancing our overall environmental impact and our energy resource needs.

·        Energy storage helps to create a more flexible and reliable grid system.

EVS has been providing energy storage design services since 2017. EVS hired a team of energy storage experts to specifically focus on the design capabilities of solar + energy storage systems.

EVS has completed multiple energy storage projects, both DC and AC coupled, and is currently working on many more projects throughout the United States. 

Please give us a call and learn more about how EVS could help your company realize an energy storage vision for the future. Contact Raj Pawar, Director of Solar PV + Battery Storage at

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