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EVS, Inc. is celebrating 35 years in business. We’ve been providing Civil and Electrical Engineering, Land Surveying, and Environmental needs since 1979. We are committed to our clients’ success and operate with the mission of 100% client satisfaction through clear communication and immediate response, providing high quality products and services, creating value, and building long-term relationships.

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  • My Vision of EVS

    Many years ago, I had a vision for EVS to become a leader in the renewable energy market. Using renewables allows us to pass something on to the next generation; it’s important to conserve what we have while it’s still here."

  • Building Relationships

    I like getting to know the lesser-known, obscure things about our clients. What they do for fun, where they travel, their alma mater, or what they enjoy about their work. My objective is for them to feel like I’m their co-worker, not their consultant. With the time we spend together and the creative discourse we share, I’ve been fortunate to repeatedly work with many great friends."

  • Culture is Everything

    We each bring our unique personalities and strengths to EVS, but we all share common core values that define our culture and how we do things. Maintaining great culture is our secret weapon in retaining our amazing people. Our culture is also why our clients like working with us and ultimately why EVS continues to thrive. "

  • Living the Stadium Experience

    It's an incredible experience to lead the civil engineering team for the new Vikings Stadium. I've had the privilege of working with some of the leading designers and contractors as we solve the unique issues presented by such a large project. "

  • Dennis Kim
  • Brian Johnson
  • Andy Kim
  • Dan Bowar

Featured News

Daryl Zuelke 1

Daryl Zuelke is retiring after 22 years at EVS

After over 22 years with EVS, Vice President Daryl Zuelke will be retiring at the end of the year.  EVS celebrated his career with a retirement party in mid November. Daryl joined EVS in 1993.  As …

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Will Steger 2

Will Steger Visits EVS

EVS enjoyed a presentation by explorer and educator, Will Steger.  A Minnesota native, Steger has completed some of the most famous polar explorations and is a proponent of arctic and overall earth preservation.  Steger has …

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Erik Paulsen 3

Congressman Erik Paulsen visits EVS

EVS was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Congressman Erik Paulsen from Minnesota's Third Congressional District. EVS President Dennis Kim discussed the growth of the clean energy industry in Minnesota and how this …

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